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Meet the Herbalist



My name is Melissa and I was born and raised in Southeast Alabama! I am a community herbalist focusing on educating and bringing support to my local community and beyond.

I come from a long line of plant people and folks who lived off the land and in relationship with the earth for generations and generations. I am an indigenous person belonging to the Mvskoke Nation, still living on the traditional territories of my ancestors. I utilize traditional techniques and ways of doing things that have been passed down generation after generation.

Growing up I was surrounded by family and people in my community who immersed me in the processes of plants through growing our own, foraging through the seasons, making our own herbal medicines, etc. It has always been a very natural part of my everyday life. I have been really blessed to get a lot of hands-on experience in the field growing up to now under far more knowledgeable folk than I. I’m always seeking out any opportunity I can to learn from others in this field. I’ve been blessed to find myself surrounded by some very smart people. I attribute so much of my knowledge and understanding to those who have invested time in me throughout my life.


About a decade ago, I started diving deeper and looking to plants to heal certain things my mind and body were going through after having my daughter. That ignited even more of a passion for herbalism, as that deeper understanding made me want to grow more, forage more, and share more! There is nothing I love more than being deep in the woods foraging, frolicking, and just being with the land. 

Access to knowledge is one of the main things that keeps the average person on the outside looking in. I believe so passionately in sharing knowledge and education with others about all things from gardening to herbalism to medicine making and natural living.

As a community herbalist, it is more important to me to make sure people are cared for than it is to make a dollar.

If you would like to support my effort of supplying herbal medicines to those who need them, but lack the financial means to do so, you can donate to my virtual tip/donation jar.

I also offer a sliding scale for 2SBIPOC who need it, you can contact me. My dream is to get these herbal remedies into the hands of those who need them most despite financial barriers.

- Melissa

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