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About Our Medicines & Ethical Foraging Practices

Cedar & Moon Apothecary works in relation with nature which means offerings are seasonal and may change based on what Mother Nature has blooming and available. I only tincture fresh plant material, ensuring that each tincture is well balanced and energetically whole. As an Indigenous woman doing this work on my traditional homelands, preservation and conservation are deeply important to me and at the very heart of my practice. Myself and my family work incredibly hard to grow and forage the plant ally's we use to make the many different herbal offerings you've come to know and love. To ensure the sustainability and preservation of these incredible plant relatives, I only make small batches, and a lot of my offerings are only available once or twice throughout the year. I ethically source the plant material I cannot grow or forage myself from Mountain Rose Herbs as they are the only herb company I trust. Their core values on sustainability and organic agriculture match my own and I'm grateful for their trailblazing efforts.

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