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Did you know that 2 out of every 3 people are magnesium deficient? With magnesium aiding more than 300 of our bodily functions, it’s no wonder we feel amiss when our levels become low.

Magnesium helps with:

* Heart health

* Bone health

* Boosting mood

* Avoiding depression

* Growing babies during pregnancy

* Relieving muscle cramps

* Soothing pain

* Getting rid of restless leg syndrome

* Relieving headaches

* Balancing hormones

* Helping our bodies deal with stress

* Achieving deep, restful sleep

What’s the best way to get this important mineral into our system? Through topical application! All ya gotta do is rub your lotion on and voila it really is that simple! 🥳

The skin can rapidly absorb magnesium directly into our bloodstream. This is quicker than taking magnesium internally (& safer). Also, the body can assimilate and use the magnesium more effectively when its taken via the skin. When taking magnesium this way, the body can use exactly the amount it needs, making overdose impossible. The digestive system is completely bypassed, so risk of stomach upset is nonexistent vs when you’re using magnesium supplements you have to ingest.

4.2 oz

Magnesium Butter

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