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Mullein leaf/flower is the powerhouse of plant ally’s when it comes to colds/flus/all things respiratory related.

✨Alleviates stubborn chest congestion

✨Draws mucous out of your lungs/powerful expectorant

✨Has strong antiviral properties which means it shortens the length of time you are sick and helps fight off illness.

✨Naturally antibacterial making it great for infections particularly of the respiratory and ear related variety.

✨Has soothing anti inflammatory/pain relieving properties for sore throats, ear infections, you name it.

✨Great for upset stomach, eases digestion and nausea.

✨Mullein contains a higher amount of mucilage than other plants which provides soothing relief to inflamed/irritated mucous membranes.

Both qualities make it useful for soothing irritation of the lungs, throat, and bronchial passages, and gut.

Mullein Tincture

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