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Forever and ever we humans have crafted these torches by dipping the dried seed stalks into beeswax. These luminous candles have been a source of light, bolstering many different rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual purifications.

Known by many different names such as Mullein Torch, Hags Taper, Witches Candle, Jupiters Rod, King’s Candle, Torches & Candlewick Plant to name a few. These torches hold profound spiritual significance and emit the sweetest most cleansing smoke.

They’re made with pure beeswax and are adorned with lavender, calendula, mugwort, and rose petals which are herbs I chose for spiritual protection, abundance, peace & psychic clarity.

These are definitely not the type of candle that you can light and forget, you have to keep an eye on them. I love using them for different spiritual ceremonies and during my moon circles & especially when I’m using a flame as a guide for meditation.

*fire safety is crucial. You must not leave this candle unattended. Burn at your own risk.*

Spiritual Mullein Torch Candle

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